Losing Weight With Lemon And Water

Lemon Water is all the rage these days. Drinking Lemon And Water is a natural remedy for weight loss.

When it comes to getting rid of that extra weight, there are a ton of healthy routines you can combine like exercise, balanced eating, and mental health tricks but for those who want to lose weight fast, there's another option & that is drinking Lemon Water. The Lemon water cleanse has been around for decades, being the first water detox that received popularity due to the health benefits it carries.


Why Lemon Water is good for weight loss?

The reason why many people have success on this cleanse is because Lemon is a natural diuretic, it replaces any other beverage you would be drinking, and lemons have important Vitamins and antioxidants. 

Lemon with water is an effective weight loss program, which will help you melt away the fat, detoxify your body and reduce inflammation. Lemons are very alkalizing in your body. Thus, they help the body maintain the pH level by removing the toxins from the body.

7-Days Lemon Water diet to burn body fat?

  • On day 1: You should start your day with Lemon water, simply fill an 8-ounce glass with warm water and add 1 freshly squeezed lemons (2tbsp lemon juice). Stir well & drink it on an empty stomach. Repeat the procedure about 30minutes before lunch. Make sure to eat healthy food during the day.
  • On day 2: Add Mineral water & Detoxify. Same as the first -day warm water & freshly squeezed lemon juice on an empty stomach, 30minutes before both breakfast & lunch. Then, drink another 2-3 litre of mineral water throughout the day. You should add the juice of about 6-lemons to the mineral water for better results. 
  • On day 3: Drink Lemon Water during Lunch. You should Lemon Water on an empty stomach in the morning, but at lunchtime, you can drink your lemon water with the meal instead of before eating. Drink Mineral water lemon juice throughout the day.
  • On day 4-5: Rinse & Repeat. repeat the same procedure as day 3.
  • On day 6: Just 2glasses of Lemon Water. Start the day with warm Lemon water on an empty stomach. Then, drink one more glass of water during the day either at lunch or dinner. And you should drink plain mineral or filtered water during the day.
  • On day 7: A New Habit for a lifetime. Start the day with a glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat healthy food throughout the day.

Undoubtedly, Drinking Lemon Water is an effective way to lose weight. If you take this as a ritual & repeat it twice in a month, you will be full of energy & burn the extra fat too, as lemon water loosens & remove waste from your digestive tract & cleanse your colon. So make a point- to begin your day with a glass of Lemon Water(warm water) as it's cleansing & healing effect will have positive effects on your body iN THE LONG RUN.