How to lose belly fat in a week at home

If you are one of those fitness freaks & your fat tummy bothering you, looking for a weight loss program & interested to know "how to lose belly fat in a week at home", then this information is for you? 

Due to bad eating habits & sedentary lifestyle, weight gain is something that has been bothering most of us! Although, it's hard to believe that, you can lose your belly fat in a week at home, without doing exercise or going to Gym. Isn't Amazing!

Here are a few tips which can help you to lose belly fat & flatten your    stomach :

  1. Take a glass of warm water with Lemon every morning to normalize the secretion of Gastric Acid.
  2. No Milk or Coffee for breakfast as milk stimulates the production of Gastric acid and increases acidity & as for coffee, they affect the stomach almost the same way as Milk. 
  3. Don't drink while eating. The drink you take during a meal dilutes the Gastric acid & the concentration of Enzymes responsible for digestion.
  4. Drink Ginger tea. Ginger calms the stomach and reduces gas formation & intestinal activity.
  5. Avoid fatty/fast food & sweets. 
  6. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, berries and legumes as they are rich in fibre.

In addition to this, Let's be honest — more often than not, we eat not on the grounds that we're eager. Stress, atmosphere, the season of the day — the majority of this influences the amount we eat. Is there a simple method for making our mind help us to lose those pounds?

There are some simple ways to lose weight at home losing just 3-5% weight has major health benefits. Those simple ways are :

  1. Replace one soda, A day with water. You'll cut around 150 calories and your risk of a heart attack.     
  2. Swap fruit juice for the real deal. Whole fruit packs fewer calories and more fibre, and chewing may help you feel full longer.
  3. Turn off screens while you eat. Distracted dining can lead to overeating. 
  4. Keep counters clear(Except for fruit). In one study, storing cereal boxes in plain sight was linked to higher BMI's.     
  5. Make fruits & Veggies easy. Prepare ahead for grab-and-go snacks. 
  6. Turn in early. Research has shown that too little sleep is associated with excess weight. So get your zzzs.

Lose belly fat at home by diet drink                                                               

Take two litres of water in a Jar, 1teaspoon freshly grated ginger, 10 to 12min leaves, one medium cucumber sliced. one medium lemon sliced & that is all that you need. Put all these ingredients in water Jar. Let blend together overnight & the next day, drink water this water during the whole day. This blended water will give a very refreshing taste.

Cucumber is a powerhouse of vitamin C, gives a glowing skin. Eating cucumber is a healthy & easy way to cleanse your body & lose weight. Cucumber is rich in water content almost 95%. Ginger is a very tasty fat burner & one of the most healthy beneficial food for weight loss. Acting as a Vasodilator, it allows blood vessels to expand thereby improving blood circulation.

A study suggests that by eating Ginger people loses as much as 20% of more fat than people not eating ginger. One of the major benefits of drinking Lemon in water helps healthy weight loss & give your body natural electrolyte. It's a great source of Vitamin C & antioxidants which helps to maintain your body energy while on a diet plan or when working out. 

Lemon water, not only great in weight loss but also amazing for skin. It gives skin a nice glow by rejuvenating it from within & also act as an anti-ageing remedy. Mint, when it comes to losing weight, Mint is a well-known diet tool. Not only it calms craving, but it also helps soothe your tummy post indulgences. It also acts as an appetite suppressor.

Weight loss can easily be done by drinking a lot of water as it removes toxins &  impurities from your body.  Drinking water with Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon & Mint helps to detox your body. So this miraculous drink not only keeps you hydrated throughout the day but also detoxify your body & help to lose calories. Hence you will easily lose belly fat in a week by just drinking this water at home.