Should I take a multivitamin ?

When we think of started taking multivitamins, the first question comes in our mind i.e Should I take a Multivitamin & what kind of Vitamins Should I take?

Well, it's an individual choice whether somebody wants to take vitamins or not? One must take the medical problem into consideration. If you are under any medication, then you must consult the doctor, before start taking Multivitamins because they do play a role. Deficiency of Vitamins can lead to a deficit in performance & lead to diseases later in life.

Understanding of Vitamins

Vitamins are Organic compounds that are "essential" promote growth & maintenance. There are 13vitamins divided into 2categories:                                Water-soluble includes vitamin B & C and Fat-soluble include vitamin A, E, D & K

Water-soluble vitamins cannot be stored in the body, except for B6 & B12. Water-soluble vitamins are necessary for enzymes involved in metabolism. 

Unlike Water-soluble vitamins, Fat-soluble can be stored in the body. This storage usually occurs in Liver & Fat tissue. 

 "Why there is need of taking Multivitamins"?

There is definitely a need to taking Multivitamins, as food which we taking these days doesn't have nutrients in it that our body needs. As our body don't Vitamins themselves, so we need to something so that we can these Vitamins from other sources. Vitamins are bodybuilders, defenders & maintenance workers, helping to build muscles & bones, make use of nutrients, capture and use energy & heal wounds.  Without this Vitamin variety, human face deficiency that causes a range of problems like Fatigue, Nerve damage, Heart disorder.

Most multivitamins are abundant in Iron as it's believed that most of the people are low with Iron therefore low in energy.

Why do people take Multivitamins?

About 60% of people take multivitamins. Because of it:

  • Enhanced energy
  • Defend against degenerative diseases i.e. cancer, heart disease.
  • Manage an existing health condition
  • Slow down the ageing process 

Vitamins are important because it's key to all the chemical process that occurs in our system, it creates structures & functions in our body. So taking the supplement is the only way to give your body all the nutrients it needs. Therefore we can say that "there is a need for taking Multivitamins".

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